Recording your Achievement

Junior Achievement is all about helping you to achieve more, so we call students Achievers. All Achievers learn something from their experience of running a company, whichever role they play. Unfortunately, many only realise this afterwards and miss a great opportunity to really build up useful skills in a business environment.

This Record of Achievement will help you to present clear evidence of your abilities for CVs and UCAS forms, so that employers and admissions tutors can recognise your talents and reward you appropriately. It will also enable you to focus on your personal goals in the Junior Achievement year, improve areas which you feel are weak, and discover and build on areas you feel are strong.

The Review Process

With the help of your Advisers and Link Teacher/Lecturer, you are encouraged to think about your Company objectives and personal targets. Chart your progress and achievement as set out in the review sessions. It will be important for you to set dates for these review sessions and stick to them!

First steps

The first step to achieving your targets is setting objectives. This is what you need to do right at the outset. As your Junior Achievement experience grows, you will find that you do change and you do make progress towards your targets.

Every so often you need to stop and review your progress. You may find at these stages that you have moved on further than you had planned, or developed new ideas about other skills you need. These should form the basis of the review and recording process.

Record of Achievement

By downloading the Record of Achievement below you can get it signed by an Adviser and Teacher/Lecturer you will have a valuable addition to your National Record of Achievement.