Business Ideas

When deciding on a product or idea for your business please read the factsheets below on prohibited items, product safety and health and safety before proceeding.

  1. Social media – people are forever complaining about life’s problems on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and YouTube
  2. Read magazines, newspapers and catalogues such as Ikea or Argos
  3. Go to the supermarket and browse the shelves
  4. Listen to Radio 4 – it always has programmes about unusual businesses or pursuits
  5. Go on an unusual journey
  6. Read the user comments on a blog post or online newspaper article
  7. Switch off your computer and just think
  8. Go to a product demonstration
  9. The British Library Business & IP Centre ( contains hundreds of case studies
  10. Watch television
  11. Read comic books
  12. Create a discussion group on an internet forum
  13. Open a dictionary or thesaurus at a random page
  14. Go to a trade show or exhibition
  15. Set limits – try to come up with an idea which doesn’t use artificial products, create a carbon footprint or use orange dye. You’ll be surprised how creative it makes you
  16. Go to a car boot sale
  17. Take a walk around your school and listen to what the students are talking about
  18. Learn a new skill
  19. Perform a random search on Wikipedia
  20. Make a list of things you use every day and think about how you could improve on them